Answering Question Nobody Asked.


The whole thing is really an experiment. It could last 2 weeks, 3 months or 5 years.

Food for thought. May contain nuts.

The Discordian Times isn’t about Discordianism, a religion disguised as an elaborate joke (detractors maintain it is an elaborate joke disguised as a religion). But it may or may not contain elements of it. It is primarily intended to be about free-thought, non-belief, skepticism, philosophy, art and communication with a particular slant. And cats cephalopods squirrels . Squirrels are awesome. But only the little red ones.

Shitty Writing.

One motivation for this blog is to improve on writing by doing it. The one or more writers so far are non-native english speakers writing from a base of operations in Antarctica, where we enjoy occasional strolls to the Mountains of Madness.


I do that sometimes and I mean it. I have a high level of confidence in some things and of necessity less in others. I think that should be pointed out. I also disagree on the dislike of the “it seems to me” clause. Some things really only “seem” and “appear to be” while others “are” (for example Evolution).

Natural and Unnatural Credentials.

Some people argue that biographical information is important for interpretation or that people have unique perspectives because of their class, hair color, age, skin color, amount of freckles, gender, shoe size, eating habits and more. More often, some degree or credentials bestow someone’s words more importance and *gasp* authority. It is a useful heuristic, yet of limit use on the internet and hence I am not interested in it. For one, the days of universal expertise are long gone and for another, you can’t know whether their expertise really covers every aspect of what they are claiming. That’s true for me and true for any commenter. You also don’t know whether claimed credentials are really true. The main reason though is the pollution of the discussion with ad hominems or argument from experience or authority. I don’t learn anything from it and neither do you.

About: Aneris.

I really dislike identity politics. Aneris is a character from Discordian Myth and a genderless “Goddess” of non-being and “Apparent Order” and was originally created more as a joke not meant to last. But somehow it did.


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Legalesian & Dishing Out.

The Discordian Times has no intention to break laws. If, and I assume that will never be the case, something comes up, simply get in touch. I use common sense and standard practice as seen elsewhere on the net (in the western world, that is). Everything offered on this site are lay opinions, bad ideas and dubious views. It is your responsiblity what you do with it.


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