Teh Law: Commenting Rules

It’s cool to have the rules upfront, isn’t it? And here they are:

“Always try to be yourself*. Unless you suck”
— unknown author, attributed to many.

(Un)common Sense

That’s it. This site can’t keep illegal stuff; would appreciate if you would use insults only when deserved and not in every comment (I don’t want this become like certain other comment sections): think superpower. If you think something is trollish, uninteresting, besides the point and all that, just leave it alone so it withers away (and comment section sheriffs suck). Last but not least: please elaborate your objections and opinions, don’t just claim you disagree. Likewise, merely claiming you’re an expert and something won’t help anyone and will be dismissed. We all want to learn something, let’s remember that as a goal.


Perfectly fine by me. Just use the name consistently and if I know you from somewhere else, it would be a courtesy if you let me know that this is you. Never use two or more accounts at the same time to argue with yourself (sockpuppet rule).

Moderation Limbo

Should your comment not show up directly, it may be stuck somewhere. I’ll check the spam filter from time to time (and still learning the ropes), please don’t assume censorship right away.

*whatever you want to be at any given moment.